Empower the Homeless 2016

We are proud to have our third annual Empower the Homeless (ETH) Campaign which runs April 1 – September 30, 2016. Our goals this year are holding 30 events and raising $350,000. Together our efforts will garner much needed awareness and support for our homeless neighbors.

ETH mobilizes our partner parishes and schools so they can educate their parishioners, students, friends and neighbors around the devastating impact of homelessness – to the people themselves as well as to our community. The campaign further seeks to engage people in the struggle to end chronic homelessness and the compassionate response Samaritan Ministry offers to homeless people who become our participants.

  • Time Frame: April 1– September 30, 2016. We encourage parishes and schools to plan early and to identify dates in the spring and even early summer. The earlier a plan is developed, the easier it can be set in motion. You don’t have to do it alone, we will help!
  • Campaign Events/Actions. The campaign is an opportunity to build engagement and awareness around the challenges of homelessness. Any creative event or activity designed to promote awareness counts as an Empower the Homeless event. We especially urge you to consider community walks with partners in your neighborhood – for example, Church of Our Savior and Transfiguration Episcopal Church are planning a walk up New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring on April 10. Other possibilities include “Samaritan Sundays,” forum conversations, socials, meals with the homeless, or Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day drives for food and toiletries. Any event or activity that you might imagine can become an Empower the Homeless event. If it helps promote awareness, it can be an event. Think of the event that will fit best for your members.
  • Contributions. All contributions will go to support the work of Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington. Contributions given April 1 – September 30, 2016 are eligible for the match.
  • Matching Sponsorship: Sponsors will match 25% of all money received by Sept. 30, 2016.

Plan now what you and your parish or school team wants to do. We are here to help you think through what is best for your faith community. Contact Carol Coonrod at cscoonrod [at] gmail.com or David Wolf at dwolf [at] samaritanministry.org as soon as possible so we can help you make this happen! Thanks in advance for your commitment and partnership in ministry. We look forward to making Empower the Homeless 2016 a meaningful engagement for all!