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  • Our Results
  • Ken Harris is an example of Samaritan Ministry’s impact
    Ken Harris is an example of Samaritan Ministry’s impact

At Samaritan Ministry we define success one step at a time. Non two people come to one of our three offices from the same situation or facing the same obstacles. Each program participant sets his or her own goals. Some participants achieve success in the more traditional sense, moving on to self-sustaining lives. Others require additional support and may return to us to take additional next steps. All participants are determined to make their lives better. All successes, both large and small, are celebrated. In the end, the successes are theirs, not ours. We are guide, support, cheerleader, and coach. They do the heavy lifting. We pride ourselves on measuring success one participant at a time and one step at a time. This model yields striking results.

Samaritan Ministry by the numbers – 2014

There were 1,023 participants in Samaritan Ministry’s Next Step program and they completed 3,921 steps and 1,547 goals.

What were some of the outcomes in 2014? 151 participants found jobs, 278 received computer training, and 285 developed or improved their resume.

Participants received Next Step support services including food, clothing, toiletries, and transportation – 1,641 bagged lunches, 841 Metro tokens, 354 toiletry kits, 265 grocery bags, 187 gift cards, clothing for 210 participants, emergency financial assistance for 119 participants, 42 Smart Trip cards and 32 flashpass/farecards.

Samaritan Ministry is able to accomplish significant results because 4,340 volunteers contributed 19,742 hours of volunteer service.

Behind the numbers:

The feedback we receive from program participants confirms that Samaritan Ministry has made a profound difference in their lives. Not only through the vital services we provide, but the ways in which we provide them.

Participants recognize that Samaritan Ministry caseworkers listen without judgment, provide a safe and supportive environment to work on their goals and their next steps, and instill confidence and hope for their future. Many of our participants refer others to Samaritan Ministry.

Ken Harris is an example of Samaritan Ministry’s impact. Eight years ago,  Ken, a veteran, was on the street. He was homeless and unemployed when he came to our Southeast office. Today, Ken is gainfully employed, owns his  own home, and is writing his business plan for his own video business.

Samaritan Ministry shares Ken’s determination. We want to improve our ministry so we can help people like Ken achieve their goals in half the time.