Volunteer Staff Spotlight!

Marty Dickinson: The Ties That Bind

Marty Dickinson has been volunteering with Samaritan Ministry (SMGW) since February of 2015 and has been an incredible gift to our organization. A close friend of the late Lead Caseworker Adrian Vaughn, Marty was personally recruited by Adrian to help out at the Southeast office. As our Front Office Coordinator (FOC), he is the first person to greet our participants and always cheerfully offers them coffee or water as they wait to meet with a caseworker. Whether it is preparing a bag of food, sorting the mail, or doing an inventory of our supplies, Marty can always be relied on to do it with a smile. 

According to Marty, “Working as an FOC at Samaritan Ministry’s SE office has been a very meaningful experience for me. Without a doubt, the best thing about being an FOC is the opportunity to chat with participants and hear their stories.” One of the most meaningful experiences for Marty was when a participant was going to a job interview and asked for help tying their necktie. What the participant didn’t know was that the necktie he was holding had been donated to SMGW by Marty! 

Marty’s account of that story shows the unique experiences that our volunteers are able to have: “It made me especially happy that the necktie he picked out was one that I myself had donated. The participant was not familiar with how to tie a tie, and I just don’t wear neckties so often now that I’m retired. I didn’t tell him it was once mine, but I felt great satisfaction knowing that something of mine was going with him on his journey. He liked it very much, and I heard that his interview went well.” 

Marty has served with Samaritan Ministry for over two years now. According to Junior Caseworker Tiara Lamberth, what most distinguishes Marty is his dedication and willingness to help anyone in need. As an FOC in Southeast; a table captain at the 2017 Next Step Breakfast; and a prospective Partner Parish Representative with Washington National Cathedral; we thank Marty for his dedication and service thus far; and look forward to many more years. Thank you Marty!