Volunteer Staff Spotlight!

Rosemary is a Maryland resident who works as an FOC (Front Office Coordinator) at Samaritan Ministry’s Northwest Office, on Fridays, from 9 am to 1 pm. Rosemary’s organizational skills help her out daily as she answers the phone, checks incoming and outgoing mail, and holds mail for participants. This gives her the time to give her best service...talking with participants and visitors to make everyone feel welcome at Samaritan Ministry! By working above and beyond the call to service like odd jobs such as preparing flatware for the cruise,) Rosemary is a valuable volunteer whose work we could not do without.

Rosemary learned about Samaritan Ministry through her church, the Church of Our Saviour Brookland, an Episcopal parish, where she provides food for thought as a food pantry volunteer, and helps those in need have canned goods to eat. Her rector recommended Samaritan Ministry to her.

She decided to volunteer at Samaritan Ministry because of her desire to help others. “I would say I am somewhat mission-oriented,” Rosemary says. “I wanted to challenge my energy and time by helping those in need.”

Rosemary suggests to people thinking about volunteering at Samaritan Ministry to do it without reservation. “There is an intrinsic goodness within you when you go out and make a difference in the world. No matter what work you do, clerical, food pantry, or any other kind of work, it’s important -- you get to help people through your job.” She says that everyone should, “find their niche and think about what you can give and what talents you have. All God asks of us is to give our time and talent to help others!”

We are so glad to have Rosemary as a volunteer at Samaritan Ministry! Her service, like all of our volunteers’ work, means a lot to us.