Classes and Workshops

Samaritan Ministry offers classes and workshops at no cost to participants. These classes or workshops are to help participants get to Next Steps in life. Classes and workshops include: Health Workshops, Pre-GED classes, Basic Computer Training, Entrepreneurship Training and more. We are always adding new classes to help our participants get to the Next Steps of their lives so check our website for updates.

The NW office conference room set to receive preGED students

Pre-GED Class: Getting Prepared

Throughout the year, Samaritan Ministry offers free Pre-GED class sessions. Developed and implemented by SMGW, these classes provide opportunities for participants to improve vital skills as a pre-requisite to enroll in GED classes, employment skills or everyday English and math skills. Students gain confidence in the material at hand and develop vital skills before starting GED coursework.

Instructors graciously donate their time and knowledge for each session allowing Samaritan Ministry to provide this opportunity free of charge to our participants.