Stephanie Barros
Development Associate, NW Office
202.722.2280 x304
sbarros [at]


Annette Carver 
Lead Caseworker, NW Office
202.722.2280 x302
acarver [at]


Karen Christian
Director of Finance and Administration
202.722.2280 x313
kchristian [at]


Gail Davis
Lead Caseworker, NOVA Office 
703.271.0938 x302
gdavis [at]


Daniel Dixon
Caseworker Associate, SE and Skyland Office
202.722.2280 x303
ddixon [at]


Bill Flanders
Caseworker Associate, NW Office
202.722.2280 x303


Brandon Foster
Caseworker, NOVA Office 
703.271.0938 x303
bfoster [at]


Sy Jones
Volunteer Coordinator, NW Office
202.722.2280 x307
sjones [at]

  John Murphy
Caseworker Associate, NW and NOVA Office
202.722.2280 x308

Carolyn Pierce
Caseworker Associate, NW Office
202.722.2280 x308


Adrian Vaughn 
Lead Caseworker & Burial Assistance Coordinator, SE Office 
202.889.7702 x303
avaughn [at]

  Doris E. Warrell
Development Director, NW Office
202.722.2280 x316
dwarrell [at]
  Danisha Williams
Caseworker Associate, SE and NOVA Office
dwilliams [at]

David Wolf
Executive Director
202.722.2280 x310
dwolf [at]